Electronic construction design

We have a wide experience in constructing security systems, such as emergency lighting devices, embedded controllers for medical devices, designing electronic components for the automotive industry, mainly programmable controllers and their environment.

Our activity is comprehensive: we design and work out the construction of the ordered device, with the view of forwarding it in production. Thanks to our system of developing the product from start to finish and the gathered experience, we are able to control the process at every stage of its development. This gives us a possibility to select the means and aims precisely, so that to avoid potential errors or eliminate them at the start. The design work at MCD Electronics run two ways: they involve constructing the device itself (the hardware) and its programming (software).


  • Developing project assumptions
  • Developing a device outline
  • Developing a printed circuit
  • Developing a device prototype
  • Developing technical documentation (electrical and mechanical)
  • Developing a material list
  • Developing testing devices

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